The Academy

EchoMyke Academy is a Knowledge transfer initiative aimed at grooming learners using a hands-on practical approach. The practical class prepares you for an accelerated growth in Your Career. The Academy's mission is to "discover, examine, critically preserve and transmit knowledge, and values that will help insure the survival of this and future generations and improve the quality of life for all irrespective of age.

Whenever possible we provide financial assistance inform of SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS to people with great interest in self-development but with limited financial resources. This helps us to attract and retain the brightest and most promising individuals.

EchoMyke Academy is eager to tackle the shortage of Developers and Digital specialist in the industry, by providing a unique platform that uses "personalized learning experiences, while also widening access to real life opportunities.

Before conferment of certificate to student, a thorough assessments of course assignments and exams will take place. This program would not be complete without a project whether done in a group or by student.

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