Cloud Software Development Courses

Level 1

Intro to Cloud Technology

Learn fundamentals of Cloud Software Technology.


Platform as a service

We teach students how to quickly build, manage, and run applications of all types, including web, mobile, big data, smart device apps.


Infrastructure as a service

We teach students self-service provisioning for both virtual and dedicated bare-metal servers--with deployment in just minutes.


Private and hybrid clouds

Student will learn how to orchestrate, manage, and secure cloud service and data..


This course will be delivered using a Web browser and a text editor. No other software or prior knowledge is required. Participants will be using live sites for the learning process by planning, editing and testing live content with the Application

  • Students & Graduates of Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Students & Graduates of any other discipline looking for future in IT
  • Web Programmers & Web Designers
  • Anyone with strong interest to learn this Application
Training Methodology
  • This program is delivered through classroom instruction, hands-on lab work and individual and team projects.
  • Applicants are not required to have formal computer programming background experience.
Course Material
  • Specially compiled reading material
  • Class demos/presentations in electronic format
  • Source code of the demo project